navigating montreal

When you get here:

Arriving by air: The cheapest way to get downtown from the airport is by using the 747 Bus. Tickets are $8 (which includes unlimited STM use for 24 hours), and you can purchase them with CAD or a credit/debit card. The line-up for the bus is right outside the airport. There is also a taxi stand right outside, if you’re in the mood to splurge.

Arriving by bus: Out-of-town buses arrive at the Gare d’autocars/Berri-UQAM metro station. Once arrive at the bus or train station, you can make your way to the metro by staying underground.

While you’re here: Montreal has a variety of unique and exciting neighborhoods. You are probably familiar with a neighbourhood called the Plateau (Sherbrooke and Mont-Royal metro stations), and perhaps with the Mile-End (Laurier metro station). You might like to grab a bite or a drink, or simply go for a stroll in one of these neighborhoods while you are here. You could also buy a flaky brioche at Olive+Gourmando, or walk along the water in Old Montreal (Champ-de-Mars station, Place-d’Armes station). McGill is located downtown, and is steps from the McGill metro station.


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